Eros Spray 45ml



Inability  to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance:

Delay Spray:

It works as a local anesthetic and desensitizer when applied to the glans penis(head of penis).it starts working within minutes after application and keeps your erection strong for much more time than usual.Hence you can have sex for multiple times and keepd your partner happy and satisfied.
Spray at the head of penis twice,wait for 5 min ,now you are ready for action.


Once used you can have sex for up to 10 times longer than your usual timing. It is known as best stud spray due to your ability to keep lasting longer in bed and satisfy your lucky lady, giving her multiple orgasms.


This spray is very powerful, do not exceed the recommended dose of 2-3 puffs. Using Eros at least five minutes before making love will Reduces Sensitivity, Gives you a Longer Lasting Erection, Increases your Enjoyment and Confidence when Making Love, Maximum Enjoyment for both the partner, Satisfaction and Desire, Up to 200 puffs.

Customers who order Eros Delay Spray come back again and again. Volume-45 ml.


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